Thursday, July 24, 2014


Thanks for visiting! Maybe you you read the article "Gravity Water Drop" in a magazine or online somewhere? Either way, thanks!

I posed a question in the article wondering why different things fall at the same speed sometimes, and other objects don't. 

Take for example a rock and a ping pong ball. If you drop those from the same height at the same time, they will hit the ground at the same time! They have different weights, too. Some people think that if something is heavier it always falls faster! Nope. Gravity affects all things the same way. 

But what about a piece of paper and a book? Surely you know a piece of paper drifts like a leaf to the ground while a book goes faster? That is because of the air getting in the way. If something is lighter, it is affected by air more. 

How can you make the paper and book fall at the same time? 

Scroll down to see some answers!

Put the piece of paper flat on top of the book and drop them! The book cuts through the air and so the piece of paper sticks to it! 

You can also crumple the piece of paper into a ball. Now there is less air touching the paper so it is more "aerodynamic."